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Innovating Software Security Analysis

With our unique toolbox we make application security analysis more effective, efficient & fun. This review environment is for application security experts what an IDE is for software developers. We provide subscriptions to the review environment to security experts, and also help software developers with pentesting services with our in-house security experts.

Our Services

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Codean Review Environment

Our service for security experts

  • Our review environment is a toolbox for whitebox pentesters, security auditors, and everyone else who wants to who wants to save time finding complex vulnerabilities. 

  • Features range from keeping track what is reviewed while doing delta's, to symbiotic taint analysis, to easy report composition. The result: less mundane work, more fun.

Read more about our review environment

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Pentest 2.0

We are 'eating our own dogfood'

  • In product development the saying goes that you should 'eat your own dogfood'. Since early 2021 we have been using the review environment with our own internal security analysts ourselves, who help software developers with pentests and security review.

  • That helped us create a great toolbox, and help in our mission to make the digital world a safer place.


Read more about Pentest 2.0

Our vision

Software is getting more complex, the amount of criminal hackers is growing, and automatic tools for software engineers are not good enough. Human software security experts are just irreplaceable. But… they could use a hand. That is why we built our 'review environment'.

​The review environment supersedes the IDE for security experts: because it is optimized for security code review. We help security experts work up to 2x faster; up to 10x for specific tasks.

We are proud that this vision is recognized, for example since GP Bullhound placed us in their list 'Companies to watch', next to companies like Palo Alto and Snyk. 

Read more about our technology.

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About Codean

Decades of (ethical) hacking experience are the basis of our security methodology and our review environment.


Since 2020 we are compiling all our knowledge in the review environment with our simple but clear purpose in mind: to make the digital world a safer place.

We have raised €1.4M in funding and are currently with a team of 11.

What others say about us

“This is cool. Can I try it?”

Senior security expert at scaleup;

when given a demo of the review environment

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Our stories

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Congratulations to our CTF winners!

On March 13 we organized our 2nd CTF event, and it was again great fun.

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Vulnerability write-up - "Dangerous assumptions"

In one of our continuous security evaluation projects, we wandered down a rabbit hole that led us to finding an intertwined set of vulnerabilities in third-party Node packages, resulting in 6 CVEs.

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