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About us


No hightech startup is complete without a company sweater...

Our purpose 

Software is getting more complex, the amount of criminal hackers is growing, and automatic tools for software engineers are just not good enough. Human software security experts are irreplaceable, but could use a hand.

Our purpose is to make the digital world a safer place. And our mission supports that: to build a review environment that is loved by security analysts worldwide. 

Our expertise

Decades of (ethical) hacking experience are the basis of our security methodology and our review environment. Since 2020 we are compiling all our knowledge in our review environment. 

We have raised €1M investment from a cybersecurity fund and 5 angel investors, and received a €400K REACT subsidy from the European Union via Kansen voor West. 


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Our stories

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Congratulations to our CTF winners!

On March 13 we organized our 2nd CTF event, and it was again great fun.

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Vulnerability write-up - "Dangerous assumptions"

In one of our continuous security evaluation projects, we wandered down a rabbit hole that led us to finding an intertwined set of vulnerabilities in third-party Node packages, resulting in 6 CVEs.

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