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Benefits for security companies

The software security industry is a young industry, so it makes sense efficiency was never a high priority. Now things have changed. High value software deserves high value security review. So it is time for an efficiency increase.

That increase leads to 3 benefits for security companies:

Increased performance.png
1. Increased performance

When we talk to experts we often hear "only a 30% increase would already have a enormous impact in the market". It's difficult to find security experts, especially the senior experts. 

The review environment helps these people to work up to 2x faster, even up to 10x faster for specific tasks. And that means lower costs for security companies, or higher margins, or more projects in the same time. 

Improved cooperation.png
2. Improved cooperation

Each security professional works in a different way. And those ways take place in their heads, so are difficult to decode. The review environment improves cooperation and training significantly. 

The review environment is browser-based so experts can easily work together in the same codebase, realtime. Seniors can check the work (= the codemarks) of juniors and give feedback. 

Less hassle, more fun.png
3. Happier employees

A trend in the software sector is that tools are improving the 'developer experience'. We think it is time to improve the 'hacker experience'. 

So we built a product where security experts and ethical hackers can focus on the puzzle, not the hassle. This leads to higher employee satisfaction, which is essential in the 'war for people' that we currently see. 

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