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Yes, a big hand for the winners of our CTF: Jari Jääskelä and Jarmo Puttonen!

On March 13 we organized our 2nd #capturetheflag event, and it was again great fun. We had a team leading most of the event, but in an epic last minute twist Jari and Jarmo from Mint Security Oy in Finland sprinted to victory.

Next up for us is a closed CTF just for two partners early April, but don't worry: also in April we are organizing a weekend-CTF. The kickoff is on Friday afternoon April 21, and closure on Sunday afternoon April 23. You can already subscribe by contacting Mayla Bruso', we'll add the subscription page of our website later.

Respect for all the participants, we saw some nice work! Thanks for joining!

#softwaresecurity #ctf

Congratulations to our CTF winners!

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