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October 25, 2021

This week Codean joined an official Dutch trade mission. 4 days in Germany, to visit the it-sa - The IT Security Expo & Congress but mainly to learn from all the participants about doing business abroad. And we learned a lot. About the pro's and con's of salespartners: which are very usefull, however it's difficult to find the right one. About the Germans, who are not eager to do business quick, but are very loyal and cooperative once you get to know them better. And about cybersecurity, a world that is more complex and diversified than most people realize, but therefore even more interesting. We also drank a few beers and enjoyed good food, but we learned there is a good excuse for that; which is called the essential art of networking... A big thank you to Security Delta (HSD), InnovationQuarter, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), and for organizing. And to all the participants for sharing you insights, enthusiasm and humor with me. And to Germany: we will be back; both for your hospitality and the potential we see in the market!

Joining a trade mission to Germany

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