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May 25, 2022

Our co-founder & CEO Arthur Tolsma was interviewed by the wonderful Method in Madness podcast on his 15 years' experience with entrepreneurship & innovation. That resulted in an insightful conversation on dealing with bouncebacks in (startup) life, what you can learn from sports, and how he and our founder Kevin Valk connected.

Our next guest is Arthur Tolsma, startup entrepreneur, coach and speaker. He is currently the cofounder of Codean, a high-tech cybersecurity startup. What makes Arthur so inspirational is that not only he shares his success mantra with the world, but he is equally proud to talk about his failures and lessons learnt from that. His secret of handling adversity, " Do it with the confidence like you are winning 1-0, but with the urgency like you are losing 0-1". Please welcome Arthur.

Podcast on bouncebacks in business and life

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