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February 5, 2022

We believe that remote working is far more efficient. But we do like to meet offline as well 😃. That's why we organize a 'Codean day' every 3-4 weeks. We take time to discuss workrelated issues, but mainly time for teambuilding. This time we discussed our work preferences: some straightforward (what are your standard working times), some more difficult to answer (what are your strenghts and weaknesses). And we shared how we can help each other 🤜🤛.

We also took time to put the teambuilding in practice: to test our cooperating capacity we did a cooking workshop. The cooking workshop turned out to be more a 'cooking performance' from the chef, but we had fun. The goal of the day wasn't about cooking, but to learn about each other 👩‍🍳. It was a wonderful day. And the new intern Amber Schippers joined us for the first time! Welcome, and enjoy your time at Codean! #startuplife #tapas #teambuilding

Codean days are the best days of the month

Remote working vs offline 'Codean days'

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