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We had a few CTFs already with selected groups, but now set the CTF open for everyone interested. Participants found themselves in the shoes of a newly hired security team, charged with the task of finding security vulnerabilities in the set of applications used and developed by their employer, CodeGuardian. With full access to the code via our review environment and to the test environment, and 48 hours to deliver their conclusions!

Here some stats:

  • 29 teams from all over the world

  • 48 hours to find all flags

  • 22 flags

  • 6750 points

  • 1 winning team… That captured ALL the flags… (!)


Congratulations Fibonhack!

(Read more on these heroes at

They captured all 22 flags, and really gave it all: they found the final flag just 12 minutes before the deadline 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

For all the participants: thanks for joining! We hope you enjoyed playing 😃.

And for whomever wants to play again / as well: keep an eye on our event page. If you are curious about our tool and our mission, let us know!

We just closed our first open CTF!

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