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Are we exited to work at Codean? I guess we are...

Our culture

We're a relaxed bunch of people. We are passionate about our job, but we don't like to be stressed. We prefer an evening of board games over clubbing with lots of alcohol.


While we take our time for fun and talking about nerdy stuff, don't underestimate our ambition. We work very hard to build world leading technology and find challenging hacks in software. Because we love our work.

Work permits

Codean is officially recognised as sponsor by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service. For more details see our blog post about that.

Remote working with a twist

We prefer remote working so we don't have an office. However we definitely see the value of meeting in person, so we get together for a 'Codean day' every month in Utrecht.


Part of those day we discuss work improvements, and part we have fun activities like escape rooms or a 'lock-picking workshop' (that was really cool, see more here).

Three times per year we organize a 'Codean 2-days', which gives us more time for video/board games and craft beers. And for a hackathon, because we just like hacking. 

What our employees say about us

Theodore Tzirides - gray.jpg

"I came all the way from Greece to join Codean for its innovative product and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, but I also found a great environment to collaborate and grow"

Theodore, software engineer

Open positions

Experienced software security expert

You will be the third person of our in-house elite team of security experts. Together with your colleagues you will work on projects ranging from old school Java web servers (or new using Kotlin) to state of the art Zero Knowledge Proof protocols build on a blockchain. All that by using the state-of-the-art review environment, designed for people like you.

Internships: technical, design and business

Since we are building a world leading product and company, we are always open for bright students who want to challenge themselves and learn from ambitious high-tech entrepreneurs. We have openings for technical internships (e.g. students computer science), design internships (UX/UI) and business internships (students marketing/entrepreneurship/innovation).

Other awesome people

We are a quickly growing company, so always have opening for awesome people. Weither in tech (front-end, back-end, leads) or in business (marketing, sales, customer success). So if you think we are an interesting company to work at, we would love to hear from you.

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