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About us

Criminal hackers are getting smarter every day, as you probably read in the news. To combat them, we are empowering ethical hackers: we are building the Codean Review Environment that makes the work of security analysts up to 10 times faster.

Most security analysts use an IDE for software analysis, even though that is made for software development. Our environment is tailor made for security analysis: it has features ranging from keeping track what is reviewed to symbiotic taint analysis.

We are on a great adventure. You will start in the first group of employees next to the founders, but expect to be one of the 20-30 employees after 3 years. Because we are working hard to become a tech leader in software security. If that sounds as fun and exciting as we think it sounds: let's have a (digital) coffee.

So what is our tech stack?

  • Our front-end is completely written in TypeScript with the Vue 3 framework (styling using Tailwind CSS)

  • We use GraphQL for data communication between frontend and backend

  • The backend is written in Python using the Starlette framework

  • Infrastructure is running fully on Kubernetes and is bootstrap using Terraform (infrastructe as code)

Oh and we are a firm believer of the continues deployment, continues integration; GitOps all the way.

Do we also need business people?

Yes. What kind of people? Well for instance:

  • Sales people with experience in selling to software engineers

  • Marketing people with experience how to reach technology experts

  • Customer success people with experience who love communicating with tech people

  • Management and finance people who know about startup life

If you're a business person, we might not have fulltime opportunities on the short term, but definitely we have parttime positions soon. And on the longer term that we for sure will have fulltime positions open.

What we offer

  • Joining the adventure of becoming a worldwide tech leader in software security

  • Learning a lot: about building an ambitious startup, about developing a new environment, and about software security

  • Flexible hours: as long as you deliver your working hours are flexible

  • Working remote first: we don't have an office, so you work from home or another location you prefer. We do meet each other every 4 weeks for a full day of inspiration, cooperation and team building at varying inspirational locations in and around Utrecht (the Netherlands)

  • 4 times a year a two-day retreat to work (on our strategy, team, internal communication) and have fun. In a big mansion in the mountains/woods/beach (feel free to join the discussion which location suits best)

  • Long-term involvement starting with a 9-month contract

  • Fair startup salary (and a stock option plan at the end of 2022)

  • We supply you with a top-notch laptop, plus other highlevel gear (screen/keyboard/mouse/etc.) to work smooth and efficient. And we leave it up to you to go for Mac, Windows or Linux (the order of this list is truly random)

  • Training and personal development opportunities depending on your needs and wishes

Your skills

Yeah that depends of course on the job... Let us know what you think we need. But for sure You have:

  • Fluent professional English (both verbal and written),

  • Soft skills: you don't need to give presentations or help with sales, but having strong communication (writing) skills is a big plus

Your personality

  • Growth mindset: you like to learn and develop yourself

  • Entrepreneurial spirit: you will embark on a big startup adventure, so we're looking for people who understand and enjoy the challenges that are part of this journey

  • Work hard, play hard, rest hard: work extra when needed, rest when we can, celebrate together

  • Openminded, both for different perspectives as for feedback

Other requirements

  • EU citizen or EU work permit required (at the moment. This will change end of 2022)

  • Living in the Netherlands or willing to relocate to the Netherlands for a minimum of 1-2 years

  • Be present at all physical meeting every 4 weeks at an inspiring location in & around Utrecht, the Netherlands (in the future that will probably develop to every 6-8 weeks)

If you think we're an interesting company to work for, send your resume and motivation to [email protected]. And if you’re not sure, want to discuss a potential match with us, or have a question? Just send an email and let's talk!

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