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Codean CTF events

Capture The Flag events are a lot of fun! We organize CTF events but in our own way: participants have to use the review environment to find flags. Fun to hack, and cool to try an application security innovation.

And we get compliments, like this one from an experienced security expert: "Challenges were fun, whomever designed those did a good job"

How does this CTF work? 

Participants are placed in the position of an application pentester who is just hired by the fictional company CodeGuardian. Your task is to help the company find vulnerabilities in their system. They will provide you with Codean's Review Environment to browse their code, and a personal test environment.

And of course the best team wins a price: eternal fame and a statue of Mr. Codean... Would you like to have fun and try your best? Sign up below! 

Where are the CTFs organized?

We host these events both publicly in weekend-form and for groups in smaller time-frames. We sometimes host it at organizations if they invite us for a dedicated CTF for their team.

In any case, we encourage participants to work together in small teams, 3-4 usually work best.

When is the next CTF?

Our last CTF was a weekend-CTF from April 21-23. The 29 teams had lots of fun with the 22 challenges. There was even a team that found all (!) the flags, with a lot of persistence: it took them 47 hours and 48 minutes, of the max 48 hours...

We will definitely organize more events, probably the next one will be in June. More information will follow, if you're interested to host a CTF together let us know

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