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About us


No hightech startup is complete without a company sweater...

Our purpose 

Software is getting more complex, the amount of criminal hackers is growing, and automatic tools for software engineers are just not good enough. Human software security experts are irreplaceable, but could use a hand.

Our purpose is to make the digital world a safer place. And our mission supports that: to build a review environment that is loved by security analysts worldwide. 

Our expertise

Decades of (ethical) hacking experience are the basis of our security methodology and our review environment. Since 2020 we are compiling all our knowledge in our review environment. 

We have raised €1M investment from a cybersecurity fund and 5 angel investors, and received a €400K REACT subsidy from the European Union via Kansen voor West. 


Meet our team

Kevin Valk - blue.jpg
Kevin Valk

Founder & co-CEO

  • Started hacking games in 2004 (when he was 13)

  • Landed a job in Silicon Valley after hacking a game from Activision-Blizzard

  • Worked as security analyst at Northwave and Riscure for a.o. the payment card industry and governments

  • Talented in both ethical hacking and software engineering

Arthur Tolsma

Co-founder & CEO

  • Founded his first startup in 2007, sold it in 2012 (not very successful, but he learned a lot)

  • Guided hundreds of startups as coach and trainer

  • Writer of the book 'Startups & Downs'

  • Worked as innovation consultant & coach at EY VODW and Rabobank

Arthur Tolsma - blue.jpg
Leon van der Veen

Lead developer

Mayla Brusò

Director of customers

Thomas Rinsma

Lead security analyst


Our investors

TIIN Dutch Security Techfund

Our main investor is the Dutch Security Techfund, an unique Cybersecurity fund for startups and scale ups at the heart of Europe’s strongest eco-system. 

Robbert van Geldrop

Angel investor Robbert van Geldrop is a highly experienced entrepreneur, software developer and investor who sold his startup BackupAgent in 2016. 

Steven Dondorp

Angel investor Steven Dondorp is CEO and owner of Northwave group, a leading provider of Cyberintelligence and Security Technology services.

Paul Bakker

Angel investor Paul Bakker is a valued security expert, having set up the High Security / Crypto department at Fox-IT and founded 2 security companies himself.

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Our stories

Artboard 10 copy.png
Codean's Review Environment is live!

We are excited to announce the launch of our Review Environment! 

Artboard 10 copy.png
We just closed our first open CTF!

With 29 teams from all over the world, there was one team finding all flags...

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