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Projects & results

Finding 6 CVE's in open source libraries

A customer project led us into a rabbit hole finding multiple issues in third-party packages, resulting in critical vulnerabilities in our client's final product. Together with the DIVD we disclosed the findings to the open source communities, which resulted in fixes and 6 CVEs, found by our security experts Thomas Rinsma and Kevin Valk. 

We're really happy that this directly contributes to our purpose is to make the digital world a safer place. For details on these vulnerabilities see our vulnerability write-up "Dangerous assumptions" in our stories section. 

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Customer feedback 

Capptions is a software company that specializes in the development of EHS software. Their goal is to make safety compliance easier, faster, and more enjoyable for non-desk workers. We conducted a thorough code review for Capptions and sought feedback from their Founder & CTO, Ruben Stolk. He distilled his experience into three key takeaways:

  1. "I appreciate your approach to work. The review environment makes it systematic without losing confidence that a real person is responsible for the work, not just AI."

  2. "As someone who likes to delegate non-core business tasks, I appreciate the insights you provided into our software's security that I wouldn't have been able to obtain on my own."

  3. "Throughout the entire process, I felt like you were in control and possessed the necessary expertise."

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