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Review environment

Do you perform software security reviews, are you into application security, or do you participate in bug bounties or CTFs? Whichever is the case, you are familiar with the experience of reading and navigating through source code from a security perspective.


If so, you might want to try our review environment. A tool developed specifically for people like you. Gone are the days of using developer tooling like IDEs and text editors. The review environment is specifically built for the process of code analysis from a security perspective, helping you and your team in understanding the code and finding vulnerabilities.

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You might want to read more: either you are interested in our vision on security tooling, the product features, or the benefits for security companies

Try yourself

And you might want to try & see the review environment yourself. Then learn more about our free version for public and private use, or join a CTF event which we are regularly organizing where you can use the review environment to find flags. 

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