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Review environment

Do you perform software security reviews, and do you want to double your performance? Try our review environment.

The review environment is available as a SaaS product for security experts, whitebox ethical hackers, and everybody else who wants to find more code vulnerabilities in less time. Whether you work at a security lab, at a security department, or as a pentester: let's discuss which features can make your work easier.

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Our onboarding process

Step 1: demo

If you are curious about the review environment and want to see how it works, we are happy to give an online demo.

One of our own security analysts can think along with you to decide which features of the review environment would help you in your specific work.

Step 2: free trial

People say 'seeing is believing', but we believe that actually using a product is really the proof of the pudding. So we give free trials, with a duration that fits your way of working.

Do one full project in our review environment for free, and experience the benefits yourself.

Step 3: custom pricing

We use the review environment since early 2021 and find it (of course) priceless. In this early phase we offer discount in return for feedback.

Our pricing adjusts to the value we bring. If you actually work 2x faster, our fee is around 10% of your yearly salary. 

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