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Services & pricing

Gap analysis

After an intake videocall we can take two hours to gauge your current security level by doing a 'gap analysis' on your software.

This will result in brief feedback with advice on what the focus areas are, and what work our security engineers could perform. Finally, it gives an indication on the work required for step 2.

Full codebase analysis

Connecting to your Git repository we load your codebase in our review environment and perform a full review of your codebase (including infrastructure as code).

The resulting 'pentest' report can be sent to customers and investors, but is also a good indication for the continuous analysis.

Pricing: € 7.500 ~ € 12.500

*Depending on the complexity and size of your codebase

Continuous review

We will fully integrate our review service in your team and workflow. We communicate through the issue tracker on any new security issues as soon as they appear.


This enables you to resolve security issues swiftly and efficiently, and be continuously secure.

Pricing: € 400 ~ € 600 per month, per software engineer (FTE) 

*Since we have more work if your team is bigger and produces more vulnerable code.

**Also possible for a part of your team 

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