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Try yourself

Our pricing model: free for public and private use, so easy to try.

Extra features for professional use, company pricing on demand.

Free public & private use

When people say 'seeing is believing' they mainly mean 'trying is believing'. That is why we have a free version of our review environment for public and private use.


It has most of the analysis features, and you can try with your own code. We only need your name & email address.

Expert explanation

If you want to hear from us how security experts are using and benefitting from the review environment, we are happy to give a demo via a videocall. 

One of our own security analysts can think along which features of the review environment would help you in your work processes.

Professional use

For professional purposes we offer the following extra services:

  • Hosting on-premise

  • Use reporting features 

  • Integrate reporting with your reporting processes 

  • Onboarding workshop 

  • Expert guidance in your customer project(s)

  • Advanced customer support 

Price per license:

  • €100/m or €1.000/y

Contact us for a company price which fits your specific demands.

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